Our Goal: Trade 76 Koozies for 2 Cars For 2 Special People

Special People


Dawn: Grew up in the foster care system, and has been in and out of homelessness ever since she aged out of foster care when she turned 18. She has maintained her transition out of the shelter for over 2 years now, sustaining herself financially, and has been going back to school at Durham Tech to eventually become a social worker. She currently works at Carol Woods on the housekeeping staff but her car just broke down and she needs a replacement vehicle to consistently get to work on time and to her medical appointments. She suffered a heart attack in June, and just after recovering from that this new financial emergency hit her.

Here's a blog post written featuring Dawn a while back, but which is still true-to-life in terms of how seriously she takes managing her limited monthly paychecks and focusing on savings:


Loretha: Graduated from Horizons, a one-year residential substance abuse recovery program, and moved from Horizons to the shelter with her daughters. She has two daughters in middle and high school and works at UNC Hospitals on the housekeeping staff during the 3rd shift. She got an apartment in Chapel Hill at Elliott Woods, and has a real shot at achieving financial security. The way she describes it, this is really the first time she has felt stable (financially, emotionally, mentally) in her entire life.

Here's a video (not great audio) of her sharing at a CEF event: